Why Your Website Should Be Built On WordPress

Why Your Website Should Be Built On WordPress

A lot of new business owners don’t realise the potential of WordPress. It may seem like the most obvious choice for developers, but have you wondered the reason for that? This article will give you enough reasons to build your website on WordPress.

29% of the websites around the world are powered by WordPress. Yes, that’s actually a huge chunk of audience, especially when you realise that WordPress was founded only in 2003. In a span of 15 years, this powerful tool has captured the technical arena. What features of this platform have made WordPress the most sought-after choice of ace developers?

A lot of business owners are still under the misconception that WordPress is only used to create a simple personal blog. Although, it started out for blogging activities, the platform has evolved into a more versatile CMS (Content Management System) capable of performing highly sophisticated functions. Today, all the top brands are using WordPress to power their websites and here are compelling reasons why you should join the club.

1. It’s FREE

They say good things don’t come for free. However, here’s an excellent exception. WordPress is a free software and can be easily developed and modified by anyone who has basic knowledge of computers. It offers various plugins and themes for free, thus making it an open source platform.

Did you know that there is a community for WordPress where talented volunteers from all around the world contribute to the success of this platform? Yes, it’s true. This forum discusses issues and solutions along with noteworthy experiences to enlighten fellow developers and WordPress enthusiasts.

2. It’s simple to learn and use

It’s simple to learn and use

WordPress is trusted by millions of people around the world. Every time someone new wants to start a blog or a website, WordPress is their first choice. The reason behind this is the simple nature of the platform. Anyone who has a decent amount of understanding of computers can start using WordPress. You need not be a hardcore coder to work on this software.

Once you sign-up on WordPress, the proceeding steps are self-explanatory. There are plenty of guides and tutorials available online to learn complex tasks on WordPress. As mentioned earlier, there’s a dedicated community of experts to solve your qualms and help you along the way. The toughest step is to set your mind to work on WordPress. It’s a cake-walk after that.

3. Numerous themes and plugins extend the scope of WordPress

Numerous themes and plugins extend the scope of WordPress

WordPress has an enormous number of themes (templates) to choose from. Are you starting your own bakery, or running a charitable fund, or providing shelter to lost animals or selling high-end bags and shoes? Whatever is your intent and idea, there’s a theme to suit your needs. That’s what makes this platform so preferred among novices and experts alike.

There’s also a wide range of plugins to select from. Inserting fancy tables, incorporating elements of animation, integrating smart forms and CTAs (Calls-to-Action) and many more such action items can be executed with utmost ease using relevant plugins.

4. It’s SEO-friendly


What’s the point of developing and designing a website if it can’t be found easily by your targeted audience? Making your website search engine friendly is imperative. WordPress assists you in keeping your website elements suitable for search engine crawlers to index and cache. There are additional plugins for complex elements on your website.

5. Management and maintenance are very easy

Management and maintenance are very easy

WordPress offers a built-in updater which enables you to update all your plugins and themes directly from your WordPress Admin dashboard. Not just that, It also send notifications to you when the latest version of WordPress is released. This allows you to update the same by simply clicking a button.

Furthermore, you can ensure that all your WordPress content is kept safe by frequently setting up automated WordPress Backups.

6. It’s highly SECURE

It’s highly SECURE

Most of the leading brands across the world are using WordPress to power their websites. Do you think they wouldn’t have thought about Security before venturing into this? Security is always a major concern when it comes to huge amounts of valuable data that a company holds. Keeping that in mind, WordPress has made its platform extremely safe and secure for every kind of company that wants to build its website using this brilliant software.

They say, a thief only goes in search of something valuable. Where there are riches, there are intruders. In this case, confidential data and important information like passwords, bank account details and other personal information. WordPress provides excellent features to protect your websites from unwanted elements and vulnerabilities.

7. It’s versatile

It’s versatile

Today, you want to integrate your social accounts to your website without much hassle. Why not? Be it an Instagram photo, a YouTube video or a Reddit post, WordPress offers you the flexibility to integrate all these file types easily. WordPress has built-in support to manage all your content types irrespective of the format. Now, that’s some awesome versatility showcased by this wonderful platform.

Well, there’s so much more to WordPress than just an article. This space does not justify the magnitude of what WordPress as a CMS can provide to its users. Why don’t we get into a short conversation to explore some interesting insights on how WordPress can change the way your business is functioning currently. Get in touch
with us here or through the Comments below. We’re so passionate about WordPress that we could go on and on about this topic and still not feel overwhelmed. Waiting to hear from you!

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