Top 6 Marketing Automation tools to boost your sales this year!

Gain information about useful tools to generate more traffic/leads, increase conversions or simply achieve pre-defined goals for their business

Here’s an article that will provide astute information about useful tools to generate more traffic/leads, increase conversions, manage your marketing campaigns or simply achieve predefined goals for your business. Read on to discover trending tools to help you grow your startup!

Marketing is one of the most essential ingredients of success in any company, be it small or big. The only thing constant about Marketing is its ever changing nature. It is increasing and improving with every passing day. Most of the Marketing managers find it difficult to keep track of the advancements in this field and hence, there was a need to automate the system. Marketing Automation has become extremely vital in accelerating a company’s growth. How nice does it feel to receive an instant and personalised email in your inbox, once you purchase an expensive gift for yourself? Did you think that the CEO of that brand was waiting to send you an email immediately after your transaction? Well, the answer is an obvious NO. But, the CEO of that brand was smart enough to automate his email marketing system to send out such alluring messages to his/her customers.

With the new year being so close, we thought of listing down some of the top trending Marketing Automation tools to help you grow your business in 2018.

01. Hubspot

Hubspot is an intuitive automation tool that is widely used by leading brands to automate their marketing tasks. This platform that advocates Inbound Marketing provides a complete package of activities including SEO, Social Media management, Blogging, Email Marketing and much much more.

What are its salient features?

  • Track every detail of all your projects, including landing page performance, blog analytics, email marketing statistics, in one single platform
  • Capture and analyse leads and customers smartly
  • Use real-time data to assess your marketing performances and deliver relevant, customised and insightful reports
  • Last but most importantly, build automated assignments to achieve targeted goals for different projects

Price on request. However, you may take a free trial to get a feel of the platform before you purchase an exclusive plan for your business –

02. LeadSquared

As the tagline suggests, LeadSquared is a complete automation tool that empowers your business to capture more leads and close more deals. This platform offers excellent marketing and sales automation features to help you grow your business smartly.

What are its salient features?

  • Seamless automation to capture qualified leads and to nurture them throughout the journey
  • Compelling reports to present your analysis
  • Intelligent lead and customer analytics to assist you in assessing your KPIs and overall campaign performance

How is it priced?

LeadSquared offers a free trial for 15 days. And in case you want to extend your association with this brand and make a purchase, here’s what their pricing plan looks like –

03. Grow Your Startup

Here’s a new platform to help you grow your startup with smart marketing automation and website personalisation tools. This interesting website offers great insights on how you can automate your marketing campaigns to attract more visitors, leads and customers for your business.

What are its salient features?

  • Intuitive assessment of your business and impeccable recommendations to drive your objectives and convert them into sales
  • Amazing website personalisation features to make your brand communication almost human
  • Intelligent marketing automation tools for effective demand generation, lead generation and conversions
  • Technologically trending tools like Chatbots to keep your brand ahead of its competitors

How is it priced?

They have tailor-made plans to suit your business size and objectives. Price is on request.

04. Eloqua

Eloqua is an efficient marketing automation platform that enables you to manage your campaigns, audience, leads, customers, and much more. It offers a variety of automation tools for you to satisfy your marketing needs.

What are its salient features?

  • Easy automation of content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing
  • Insightful tools to increase demand generation as well as lead generation
  • Effective tools to conduct webinars, create events and automate the entire brand communication system

How is it priced?

Here’s what their offerings look like:

05. Pardot

Pardot which is backed by Salesforce, is a fully loaded marketing automation tool that provides smart solutions for demand generation, lead generation and nurturing, email marketing, social media marketing and much much more. This impressive tool has all the right ingredients to boost your business and make you achieve all your goals.

What are its salient features?

  • Build your own landing pages, forms and other important elements with customised features and branding
  • Intuitive templates, intelligent marketing and insightful reporting are a few of its features
  • Seamless integration of CRM

Best tools to manage your email marketing, social media marketing and other specific campaigns in a single platform

How is it priced?

They have some interesting plans to choose from. Take a look at their plans here –

06. Sendloop

SendLoop is a great Email Automation tool that is loaded with heavy features. This tool assists you in setting up, executing and analysing all your email marketing campaigns in one single platform. Another important feature of this tool is its ability to personalise email communication with your co-workers, clients and customers.

What are its salient features?

  • SendLoop allows you to easily integrate your Facebook app, necessary plugins and code snippets with your website. In addition to that, you may customise signup forms and landing pages to suit your campaign requirements.
  • Personalisation of email communication is extremely easy and effective at the same time.
  • Audience targeting is very crucial in any business and SendLoop makes this task a piece of cake. Its intelligent targeting of personas based on the information provided by you is simply commendable.

How is it priced?

Pricing starts from $9/month for 500 subscribers and packages go upto $1645/month for 350,000 subscribers. If you are still looking for a better plan, you may directly get in touch with their sales team and customise your package.

We are living in an era of automation and it is only right for you to join the club immediately. The above tools will empower you to tackle all your marketing hassles with minimum efforts from your end. Well, that’s what automation is all about, isn’t it? If you feel you need more information on how you can incorporate this in your business, get in touch

with us and we shall help you solve your qualms. Ring in the new year by automating the marketing tasks for your startup. Wishing you a smart and successful 2018!

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