Is your website winning the war out there?

Is your website winning the war out there?

Is there a war out there? Yes definitely!

Today, there are at least 4 billion websites and the huge competition make is challenging. To win the war you need to have the right (not all) weapons in your arsenal. A good designed and appealing website alone won’t help. You need a brigade to win the war and conquer the prospects kingdom.

01. Google Webmaster tool

Google Webmaster tool

How well you know your battleground?

Need not worry if you don’t have a good grasp of where you are in the battlefield. Google webmaster tool will help you to understand what’s happening with your website. This tool will also help you understand how google views your website. Instead of going aimless to conquer the kingdom, you can utilize the data in your arsenal to make decisions.

A complete overview of Google Web Master Tools

02. Analytics


Numbers matters.

Maths and stats are not the most comfortable aspects but analytics is always fun and it’s more important to plan the strategy to sharpen your sword (website) and win the war. With analytics, you can

  • determine location of your visitors,
  • determine how long visitors stay on your site,
  • understand what users are searching for,
  • identify the finest and least performing pages,
  • learn exactly where users clicking on your site and lot more.

Some of the smart website analytics tools

03. Responsive Website

The mobile usage increase is colossal day by day. As per google, a responsive website will help to move your site up the search rankings. Better ranking means better traffic. Having your website working on various devices will increase the user stay and make them engage more.

04. Your Blog

Your Blog

Content is King.

A blog helps to connect directly with your customers and share information they are looking for. Blogs drive traffic to your website by sharing it on various social media space. This will also enable you to position your brand story among your visitors.

Running out of blog ideas?

05. Website Performance

Website Performance

Speed is a Killer and every second count.

A fast and efficient website provides a good user experience. On the other hand, a slow website doesn’t provide a positive user experience. If your website is creeping, the visitor will move to the next website within a few seconds.

06. Social Media

Social Media

Share! Like! Follow! Tweet! Comment!

You can find prospects you didn’t know existed and those same prospects will find your website. Now a days, people from all walks of life spend more time on social media and consume content every day. Social media presents an opportunity to connect with prospects and give your business a personality and trust.

07. SEO


Google’s search engine serves millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions. SEO is a way to improve your website visibility to bring it to the top position in any search result. Top 5 search results are likely to get more click and increase traffic to your website. SEO helps to find your brand or product or service when the users search for a related phrase or text.

Time to charge

Time to charge

Winning the war is quite straightforward with anyone who carries the most powerful weapons to the battlefield.

Before you go

If you feel any necessary weapons are left out here, please feel free to strength the army by commenting below.

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