How to effectively manage your website and social media pages?

Your website and social media profiles are the most powerful means of communication with your customers. It is therefore imperative to maintain a good behaviour on these platforms to manage your brand image and also to connect with your audience. Frequent checks for malware hits, appropriate comments on blog posts, regular updates on blog, managing your CMS appropriately, maintaining website hygiene for SEO and other online purposes are a few nuances of website management. On the other hand, periodic updates of posts on social profiles, timely response to customer queries and complaints are some of the aspects of social media management. While this may seem overwhelming for you at first, but you can make all this a lot simpler by following certain habits that will help you streamline this process.

Let us first look at website management. You may want to look at some of the below mentioned parameters to effectively handle your website.


1. Content is King and the throne is staying with content for a while now. So it is essential to have compelling content on your website that not just connects with your audience, but also gives them enough reason to keep coming back to your site for information. Ensure that your site is completely filled with high-quality content and keep updating it for fresh content. Incorporate a blog section that carries potential for you to introduce this fresh content. This also provides a medium for your customers to interact with you on your website through the Comments section. So make sure that you regularly check for the Comments and promptly reply to each one of them with apt answers.

2. SEO is an important aspect of Digital Marketing that you cannot ignore. It is of utmost importance that you adhere to SEO-friendly habits on your site in order to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Give importance to rich and relevant keywords and incorporate them in your content as well as in responses that you give to your customers. Provide good quality links and only when necessary. Do not use spammy techniques to do so.

3. Malware hits are quite common and you need to constantly monitor your site so that it stays unaffected from such undesired bad elements of the online world. You may use Google Webmaster Tools or any other paid software to monitor this and other errors that may be found on your site. Be prompt in addressing these issues and do not forget to submit your site once you’ve resolved the issues.

4. If you are using a Content Management System (CMS), then you need to understand the functions and purposes of each feature and optimize everything to suit your site.

These are a few parameters that need your prime attention while managing your website efficiently. Having seen the website part of your business, let us now switch to something very crucial to your venture – Social Media Profiles. Everyone’s going social and you definitely can’t afford to stay behind. If you’ve purchased a new shampoo, you mention it on social media; if you like it, you go ahead and brag how beautifully it’s worked for you, and if it hasn’t then you leave no stone unturned in ranting about it till it reaches the brand itself. That’s the current situation; whether you like it or not. So this only implies that you need to pull your socks up and stay focussed and agile in listening to what your customers are saying about your brand and in responding to that message as quickly as possible. Let us look at some ways that can help you manage your company’s social profiles.

Social Media

1. Tools: There are various social media management tools that are available in the market for a good amount. You may select a suitable one and use it efficiently. However, every tool comes with its own set of rules and it is important that you go through each and every rule and understand the functioning of it to optimize your results. Hootsuite, Dlvrit, Buffer are a few tools that you may want to check out.

2. Plan your theme: Make a monthly plan and select a theme for each week or month depending on your marketing strategy. Create a structure of activities for the entire month so that you have everything planned out and are not left posting stuff haphazardly. Take note of important events and festivals in that month and schedule your tasks around them so you can take leverage of the buzz that will occur around those days.

3. Schedule your posts: Most of the popular platforms on social media offer a feature to schedule your posts in advance. This helps you maintain a good frequency for your posts while spacing them out evenly.

4. Content: Based on the selected theme, create exciting and engaging content that connects with your audience and also aligns with the tone of your brand’s communication. Use a variety of content pieces like articles, posters, videos, infographics, slideshows, collages etc. Never be boring. Always offer something new and enticing that allures your audience to look at you and keep returning for more.

5. Offers: Occasionally, provide irresistible offers to your customers for staying loyal and also to attract new potential leads for your business. You may resort to interactive quizzes and contests that ensure that your brand creates user generated content automatically for you and your subscriber base increases at the same time.

6. Influencers: Never underestimate the power of influencers on social media. They can make or break your brand. Get your brand associated with top influencers that are relevant to your industry and give them good reasons to talk highly about your company and the services it offers.

So, that was a brief overview of how you can manage your website and social media pages. However, these points may seem simple on paper, it is indeed a task to manage everything simultaneously and with optimum results. So, while you get busy in maintaining a good bank balance for your business, let us get busy in maintaining your site and social media profiles. Simply get in touch with us here and let our experts whip their wands to create some magic for your brand.

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