How to create effective ecommerce emails to improve conversions?

How to create effective e-commerce emails to improve conversions?

This article gives you some cool ideas to make your email marketing strategies smart enough to attract more conversions to boost your business.

One of the greatest challenges faced by the e-commerce industry is the inability to personally entertain and engage with customers. However, this challenge can be overcome to a large extent with personalised emails. Email is the most influential medium for online store owners to connect with their audience to inform them about new launches or offers, get their valuable feedback on products/services and also to increase their conversions. We got in touch with a few e-commerce business owners who voiced the following concerns in running their stores effectively –

  • My team has an email marketing strategy in place. But nothing great seems to be happening through these efforts. How to improve conversions through email marketing?
  • I have some great offers lined up for my store. But how to communicate these offers to my customers for assured conversions? Is email marketing the right way?
  • How to optimise my emails to get my customers to open and read them more?

If these are some of your queries as well, then it is your lucky day today. We’re just about to discuss some creative ways to improve your conversions through effective email marketing ideas that actually work wonders.

01. Attractive Subject Lines and Preview Text

Attractive Subject Lines and Preview Text

They say – “The first impression is the best impression.” Your brand’s first impression is made by the subject line and preview text of your emails sent out to customers. Put your best foot forward and create compelling content for these two elements. They may include an element of surprise, shock, excitement, rich information, or even emoticons to make your customers pay attention to your email in an ocean of other emails.

By using a specific personal name, rather than a general email address or a company’s name, you can increase open rates and click-through rates by as much as 35%

Here are some suggestions for interesting subject lines –

  • Hi John, Santa’s early and here’s your early-bird gift
  • Hey Joe, here’s the secret to attracting 3X more leads for your business
  • Hi Clara, don’t open this if you’re not interested in boosting your business
  • Hi Diana, we have a special discount for the shoes lying in your cart!

It’s also a wise decision to perform A/B testing with different subject lines. You may able to optimise your efforts with the result of each email copy’s performance.

Did you know that 64% of subscribers open an email based on who it’s from, compared to 47% of subscribers who open emails based on the subject line?

Remember, the key here is to convince your customers to open your email and view the content inside. So go all out and don your creative hats.

02. Brownie Points for Loyal Customers

Brownie Points for Loyal Customers

Loyal customers deserve something special. Make them feel a part of your brand by offering special discounts or preview sales. These small steps could really take your relationship with your customers a long way. Let’s understand the impact of this simple step through an example –

Imagine yourself to have been a loyal customer of a brand that sells perfumes online. Without expecting any returns, you’ve been buying their products for quite some time now. All you care about is their product quality. However, one fine day, you receive an email from this brand saying they have a special offer curated just for you. When you open that email, you find a voucher with discounts on their “New Arrival” range of products. Aren’t you tempted enough to at least have a look at the new collection?

That’s the impact of offering special favors to loyal customers. Try it, it may really work well for you.

03. Gentle Reminder about Abandoned Cart

Gentle Reminder about Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart emails could be sent to new and returning customers who have abruptly left their shopping spree and never came back to complete it. You could use this opportunity to once again connect with the customers and urge them to complete their purchase. Here are some great ways of enticing these customers to come back to your site –

  • Hey Jessie, Your shopping cart is waiting for you. We also have a small surprise for you – There’s an additional 10% discount on one of the items lying in your cart. Grab it before it’s too late.
  • Hi James, The t-shirt lying in your cart has some new colour options. We thought you’d be interested in checking them out.

MarketingProfs suggests that the most effective triggered email types for e-commerce brands are cart-abandonment emails and welcome emails. Abandoned Carts are great entry points to remarket some of your products to new and existing customers. Think of creative offers to convince your customers to come back and make the purchase. If you’re smart enough, you may also want to use this opportunity to upsell or cross-sell some of your products.

04. Notification about Restocked Items

Notification about Restocked Items

Inventory management is an extremely crucial part of the e-commerce business. If you have managed to handle this efficiently, then you must go a step further in using this information to improve conversions for your business. But HOW?

It’s pretty simple – Just make a stock of the new items that have been added to your inventory. You may include bestsellers that were popular in the past but soon went out of stock. Re-introduce these items with a special announcement through personalised emails and see them running out of stock soon 😛

05. Personalised Promotional Content

Personalised Promotional Content

Personalisation is no longer an option for e-commerce email marketing professionals. It is the most crucial element for success. Promote your products using customised communication. You may take help of past searches, chatbot data, etc. to build compelling content around the product selected.

Personalised emails attract way more eyes than plain ordinary ones. Your aim is to make more customers open your email and perform the desired action. Tailored emails help you achieve exactly that. Here are some ways of incorporating personalised elements into your email –

  • Include your customers’ names
  • Refer to a past action performed by them (website visit, ebook download, newsletter signup, facebook engagement, etc)
  • Provide relevant and meaningful offers based on their history (past purchase pattern, social interests etc.)

Another interesting way to introduce personalisation into your email marketing strategy is to segment your email campaigns. Segmentation helps you achieve a more targeted approach to your efforts and yields far better results as compared to non-segmented campaigns.

Segmented email campaigns get 14.31% more opens and 100.95% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns.

06. Pre-planned Seasonal Offers

Pre-planned Seasonal Offers

Christmas is always a good reason for people to shop for their friends and family. Deciphering this is not rocket science. However, using this as a golden opportunity to promote your products is wise. Craft smart emails that help your customers prepare for the holiday season, well in advance. Give them compelling reasons to visit your website and decide what they would want to gift their loved ones.

There may be a catch here. Christmas doesn’t just ring in for your brand, but also for every other player out there. Hence, your email has to be really good enough to differentiate you from the others. Spend time and money into this to see a rise in your conversions during holidays.

07. Referral Rewards to Customers

Referral Rewards to Customers

A pie for a pie. Yes, it’s a simple deal that works well for both the brand and the customer. We all are aware of the referral program of Uber cab services. The pact is – you get rewarded for every customer who signs-up and rides with Uber using your referral code. Similarly, introduce an effective offer and intimate to your customers via email marketing campaigns. There’s a pretty good chance of your conversions soaring in the next few months.

08. Effective Calls-to-Action

Effective Calls-to-Action

CTAs are very critical when it comes to effective emails. Firstly, it is important to identify the purpose of your email. Is it to –

  • Download a catalogue
  • Sign-up for an event/competition
  • Visit website
  • Read blog
  • Request demo
  • Collect passes/coupons

It could be anything based on your marketing strategies. However, you ought to pronounce it clearly through your emails. Relevant CTAs with compelling content is the best kind of email that works well for any e-commerce business.

09. Creative and Relevant Content

Creative and Relevant Content

Last, but definitely not the least, content is King. You may have an attractive subject line, personalised elements, fancy offers etc. But if your email does not carry relevant and clear information then your customer is bound to bounce off your email.

Incorporate attractive videos and images to grab the attention of your customers. Emails that include some sort of graphics have a higher open rate (26.89%) and higher click-through rate (4.36%) than that of text-based emails.

Ensure that you clearly mention the purpose of the email along with the offer that you are providing to the customer. Do not forget to mention the action you want your customer to take after reading your email. Remember, your email is a medium to guide your customers to your website, thereby, enabling them to make a purchase on your site. All these efforts will eventually translate into higher conversions for your business.

The above-mentioned tips have been tried and tested by our clients and have yielded great results for them. It is but natural to get bamboozled by so many factors while considering a simple medium of communication like the email. Well, what are we here for? Simply get in touch with us to have a humble discussion on how we can help optimise your email marketing strategies to drive more sales for your business.

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