THE NEXT EMAIL 2.0 – Facebook Messenger bot

The world is getting smaller today, due to the advent of Messenger applications. It takes a very little effort to connect to someone who may be residing miles away from you. While there may be several applications to enable this personal connection, Facebook Messenger happens to be the most popular choice.

We all use Facebook Messenger for personal communication and we love it! However, did you know that the same Messenger has many more applications than you could imagine? Well, your favourite Messenger is no longer restricted to personal usage. It has become commercial and in a pleasant way. Most brands worldwide are using this platform to establish a personalised connect with their leads and customers.

In 2016, Facebook launched a new concept of Chatbot. Chatbots automated bots that are programmed by developers to interact with humans over the internet and have a meaningful conversation.

To know more about chatbots, read .

Chatbots offer a good way to personalise your interaction with your audience and customers to establish stronger relationships and in reality, increase your conversions.

Doesn’t email already do that?

Yes, you are right, well..almost. Email is widely used to communicate with prospects and clients today. Personalisation and customisation is definitely possible through this traditional medium. However, have you assessed the success rate between marketing via email and that using facebook messenger?

Why is Facebook Messenger better than Email?

How often do your marketing emails appear in the dreaded Spam folder? To avoid this phenomenon, you end up purchasing an expensive tool. However, there are many restrictions that you face while creating your emails in order to follow the best practices. Similarly, deliverability and click-through rates are other reasons why this traditional form of communication is less preferred. Here’s an interesting information to give you a better picture of the current scenario –

Let us assume you run a confectionery store somewhere in Sydney. If one of your potential customers were to ask you for your store timings, would it be better for him to converse via email or messenger? Which medium would be better for him to get an almost instant reply? Well, there you go. That precisely answers your question.

Now, another great feature of Facebook Messenger that wins over Email is its Broadcasting ability. Mass emails often end up in the Promotions or Updates tab in Gmail. This limitation is overcome with Facebook Messenger bots, that allow you to broadcast specific messages and promotional updates to multiple users at the same time. This not just reaches your audience directly, but also increases the probability of your message being seen and clicked. Marketers around the world are using this exemplary feature to their advantage and they’ve reported to have seen great results. To understand the impact of this, let’s take a simple example. Let us assume that you have 500+ subscribers/followers. And, you have recently documented an insightful ebook that you’d like to share with all your subscribers. The traditional way would be to send a bulk email to all of them via an email marketing tool, encouraging them to download your ebook. However, this would not necessarily give you the guarantee that your email has reached all your subscribers and that they’ve seen and downloaded the document. On the other hand, if you choose to broadcast a crisp message about your ebook via Facebook Messenger, there is a higher probability of your goal being achieved. Think about it!

Here’s an example of how you can integrate Facebook Messenger’s chatbot, on your website.

Still looking for more reasons to integrate Facebook Messenger Bot on your website?

So, what are you waiting for? This is definitely the best time to implement the Facebook Messenger bot on your website and win over your audience. Let us know if we can help you build a tailored bot for your website. Just get in touch
with our smart bot and your work shall be done. Yes, it is that simple. Why don’t you try for yourself?

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